Video Conferencing Valerie Fox 2017

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On Thursday, April 20th, we had the opportunity to attend a videoconference with Valerie Fox, a young scientist working as a team member on NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, about the planet Mars and the missions the NASA has accomplished there.
She talked about the Rovers they sent, and more especially the Opportunity (2003) and the Curiosity (2012) ones. For instance, she told us that because of Mars’s thin atmosphere they had to add a jetpack on the Curiosity robot so it would not shatter upon landing. She also explained to us how scientists know there has been water on Mars, and how they are able to find ancient rocks to analyze. We were able to admire pictures of the Red Planet, for example an amazing sunset.
This videoconference was related to our class work as we had been studying the Mars One mission, that consists in sending people to Mars for scientific purposes, but with a one-way ticket only.
It was extremely interesting...even despite some technical issues

Nathaniel, 2nde 9

This 360-degree panorama was acquired by the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA’s Curiosity rover looking out over part of an area called Bagnold Dunes, which stretch for miles on Mars. This location, called "Ogunquit Beach," is on the northwestern flank of lower Mount Sharp. Points of interest include the dune’s ripples, and bedrock made from sediments deposited in lakes billions of years ago.

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